Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year and my thankful thing for today!


       *January skiing at White Pass, Washington. Photo by Kiki Hamilton 2016

Happy New Year!!!
Wishing you happiness, health and joy in the upcoming year!

One of my goals / resolutions, (whatever you want to call them), is to be thankful every day this year - for the little things (like a sunny day) and the big things (like newly published books)! And I plan to be posting a lot of them here - to send them out into the Universe so they expand and multiply!

So for my thankful thing today - I took a hike through a park with a beautiful river and two waterfalls hidden in the very center of the town where I live. It was about 37 degrees out and my iphone quit working after a couple of pictures but here you go! 

I am thankful to go hiking in this beautiful space with my daughter and her college roommate, Emily, who is visiting from Pennsylvania, (but who I didn't get a picture of because my phone quit!) Nature's beauty makes me feel renewed and inspired! Enjoy!


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  1. Happy New Year, Kiki! What a great goal! Being grateful is so important.


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