Monday, January 2, 2017

My Thankful Thing for today

    *Puget Sound with the Olympics in the background. Photo by Kiki Hamilton 2017

Snow covered mountains are my thankful thing for today!

What's yours?



Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year and my thankful thing for today!


       *January skiing at White Pass, Washington. Photo by Kiki Hamilton 2016

Happy New Year!!!
Wishing you happiness, health and joy in the upcoming year!

One of my goals / resolutions, (whatever you want to call them), is to be thankful every day this year - for the little things (like a sunny day) and the big things (like newly published books)! And I plan to be posting a lot of them here - to send them out into the Universe so they expand and multiply!

So for my thankful thing today - I took a hike through a park with a beautiful river and two waterfalls hidden in the very center of the town where I live. It was about 37 degrees out and my iphone quit working after a couple of pictures but here you go! 

I am thankful to go hiking in this beautiful space with my daughter and her college roommate, Emily, who is visiting from Pennsylvania, (but who I didn't get a picture of because my phone quit!) Nature's beauty makes me feel renewed and inspired! Enjoy!

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