Friday, September 2, 2016

Truly a Wonder of the World...

     * The Grand Canyon, Arizona, June 2016. Photo by Kiki Hamilton.

There's a reason we call them Wonders of the World  -  because they are amazing and wondrous! A summer-time visit to the Grand Canyon confirmed what I remembered - the Grand Canyon is just that - Grand!  I highly recommend a visit to anyone, whether you live in this country or another, because pictures cannot begin to do justice to this magnificent natural wonder. Honestly - it's breathtaking!

In other news, I just put the finishing touches on a new YA fantasy, which I shipped off to my agent to get her thoughts. With each book I always wonder if it will be my last - if maybe I've run out of ideas - so it's always fun (and a relief) to design and develop a new world and the characters who live in it. 

So now I'm back in that spot again - what's the next story I'm going to tell?  

Stay tuned! :-)


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