Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ask the Author

To continue on with questions re: THE FAERIE RING series, Iris says:

"Thank you very much, Kiki, for answering my question about the Faerie Ring series! I very much appreciated it. Looking forward to read your answer about the Midnight Spy! But I have one more question: could you recommend some books you have read about the faeries? Thanks again. iris"

Hi Iris! Thanks for your interest.  Here's a quick pix of some of the books I used in my research!

I'm not going to list all of the books pictured but a few that were extremely helpful about Victorian London were as follows:

For THE FAERIE QUEEN I had Dunvegan Castle send me their catalog. (But of course, you'll have to read the book to know why.... :-)

And after I wrote THE SEVEN YEAR KING I visited London and took a picture of the Cup of Edenhall in the Victoria and Albert Museum:

And then there were LOADS of books about Faeries that I read. Some of my favorites:
Faerie by Brian Froud

Good Faeries / Bad Faeries

The Idiot's Guide to Elves & Fairies

The Fairy Bible

The Ancient Art of Faery Magick

 And LOTS of online searches on a multitude of topics. Which was half the fun of writing the question led to another and another. The history of fey is fascinating and so intriguing because it spans every continent and every culture.

Hope this helps, Iris!  

Coming up next:  I'll talk about writing  THE MIDNIGHT SPY! If you have questions leave them in the comments!



  1. Thanks for letting us peek behind the magician's curtain to see where some of your inspiration came from!

  2. Hi Carole! Thanks for stopping by! These questions have been fun - they've been an excuse to revisit a world I loved creating! Who knows? There may be more to Tiki's story in the future. :-)

    1. Wow, thank you so much Kiki!!! So nice of you to let us know your background information.
      I love the fairies world, so I will start looking for some of the book!!! :-))) iris


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