Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ask the Author

I love it when I get emails from Readers, whether directly or through Facebook, Twitter, whatever!  I recently received this note:

"Dear Kiki, I love your books. Loved the Faerie Ring series and now just finished the Midnight Spy. Great story! But I would like to know more about the background of the stories. Where did you get the information and inspiration for the Faerie Ring series ( I love to know more about faerie legends) and how did you create the world of the Midnight Spy? Where are the languages coming from? Or how did you develop them? Did you take Nostradamus quatrains and change them for the purpose of the story? Thank you very much!" Iris

THANK YOU, Iris, for reading my books, and caring enough to ask questions!  I'm going to split my answers into two posts.  Today I'll tackle your questions about THE FAERIE RING.

"Where did you get the information and inspiration for THE FAERIE RING series?"

I wrote THE FAERIE RING back in 2008.  I'd just finished reading a faerie story that I'd found disappointing, so I decided to write the story I wanted to read. I actually wrote the entire book  in 30 days! It was so much fun - I had to keep writing to find out what happened next!

I remember sitting on my couch and I'd just written the part where Tiki steals the Queen's ring. I was sitting there going  'now what?' (haha - the classic author dilemma!) and I looked down and the light caught the diamond in my wedding ring and it looked like there was a fire burning in the depths of the stone - and that's all I needed to know to keep writing!

When THE FAERIE RING sold to Tor Books, my editor, Susan Chang, wanted all the historical details to be accurate, so I did LOTS of research - online and in the library. So. Much. Research. I purchased books that talked about life in Victorian London and actually had the chance to travel to London, where I went to all the places Tiki went - Charing Cross, St. James Park, the Birdkeeper's Cottage, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park etc.  I even went to the Buckingham Palace gift shop and got books there about the royal family and the layout of Buckingham Palace. I included all those real-life details in the story.

"Where did you get the inspiration for the faerie legends?"

When I started writing THE FAERIE RING I had no idea I would end up writing a four-book series! But when I got to the end of THE FAERIE RING, I knew the whole story hadn't yet been told. Plus, I *love* faerie stories and the 'what if' part of mythology. Such as...what if there's more to the reality than has been told in the stories we know?? So I started reading about Britain and faeries and found throughout history all the way to present day there are persistent beliefs in the fey and their stories are intertwined with ours.  It was so fascinating to find many relics exist to this day and are prominently displayed in museums that claim a link to faeries. As the story progressed over the four books, each book has a link between real-world items that can be visited today and the fey.

Thanks again for asking, Iris! I hope this answers some of your questions!  Check back soon and I'll do another Ask the Author about the THE MIDNIGHT SPY!


  1. Thank you very much, Kiki, for answering my question about the Faerie Ring series! I very much appreciated it. Looking forward to read your answer about the Midnight Spy! But I have one more question: could you recommend some books you have read about the faeries? Thanks again. iris

  2. Hi Iris - check out my latest Ask the Author blog post for some book ideas!


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