Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Inspiration: The Luck of Edenhall

     *The Luck of Edenhall on display at the V&A Museum, London, England, April 2014. Photo by Kiki Hamilton

Inspiration is an interesting thing. Oftentimes, it comes when you're least expecting it, or from a source you might never imagine.  For me, inspiration usually starts in the form of a question.... 'What if...' 

The other part of the equation, more often than not, involves a secret... for instance, What if the British Court had a secret alliance with the world of the Fey?  Which is the premise of my FAERIE RING series.

Take the Luck of Edenhall, seen above.  This chalice plays an important role in THE SEVEN YEAR KING, Book Three of THE FAERIE RING series. Dating back to at least the 14th Century, today the Victoria and Albert Museum in London proudly displays this cup and says it is "one of the most famous objects displayed in the V&A." In its description, the museum claims, "Traditionally this cup is said to have belonged to the fairies. When disturbed, they fled and left it behind, crying, 'If this cup should break and fall, farewell the luck of Edenhall!'"

So what should one believe? If the world-famous V&A Museum is suggesting a connection between this real-world item and the world of the Fey - I think the only logical question to ask is... WHAT IF? And to start writing..... :-)


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